The Lokayuykt Organization in Madhya Pradesh came into existence in Feb.1982 after the Madhya Pradesh Lokayuykt and Up-Lokayukt Act, 1981(hereinafter called the Act) was enacted by the State Legislature. Attempt to establish an independent Organization on the lines of "Ombudsman" started way back in mid 70’s after the State Administrative Reforms Commission recommended that the State Vigilance Commission, which was then functioning as an instrument to prevent/check corruption should be replaced by an organization with statutory base and powers. Examining the role and limitations of the State Vigilance Commission, the ARC had observed that in the absence of a constitutional or even statutory recognition of its position, the Vigilance Commission might act at best as a department of the Government to check corruption. In view of the above observations of the ARC and on the basis of various recommendations received from the Government of India, a bill was moved in the M.P. Legislative Assembly in the year 1975 which was sent for President’s assent after its passage by the Assembly. But due to certain rethinking at the level of the Union Government the bill was returned to the State Government for reconsideration and the same was passed in April 1981 with certain modifications. The bill so passed became the Act after it received the Presidential assent in September 1981. The Lokayukt Organization constituted under the Act replaced the Vigilance Commission. Having received the statutory base the Lokayukt Organization is totally free from the executive influence. Indeed, the organization functions as an instrument of control over the executive by the legislature as its annual reports are submitted to the Governor to be laid and discussed in the State Legislative Assembly.